Mad Man Bamboo is a family owned nursery located in Rocklin, CA (near Sacramento, California).  We specialize in unique clumping bamboo.

Started in 2005, we currently have over 100 clumping and running bamboo in production.  We are continuing to add more. Click here to see our full list of bamboo, pictures, stats and prices.

Mad Man Bamboo is a licensed California nursery and a member of the American Bamboo Society.

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We sell bamboo plants at area plant sales and other special events.  To find out where we are selling bamboo plants next you can do one or all of the following: check our ‘Upcoming Events’ page, sign up for our e-newsletter (top left of this page), ‘like’ us on Facebook which we update often.

We no longer offer on-site appointments.

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What is the best bamboo for my garden? Running vs. clumping bamboos.

When considering bamboo, you should first consider the space you have.  If you live in a urban or suburban setting, a running bamboo may not be the right choice.  Running bamboo grow by sending rhizomes that shoot a long distance before shooting a culm (or as some call them, a "cane').  If you have the room and you don't need to worry about a running bamboo spreading into a neighbors yard, then planting a running bamboo may be OK.  If spreading is a concern, the other option is to use rhizome barrier which can be found on the internet or from specialty garden centers.  Using rhizome barrier is no guarantee that your bamboo will not spread, vigilance for errant rhizomes is still needed as they may leap over your barrier.  Running bamboos include both temperate species and species that are subtropical/tropical.  

Use of running bamboo in pots with a paver underneath is a beautiful way to enjoy running bamboo without running the risk of it taking over you and your neighbors yard.  The paver allows the soil in the pot to drain, but prevents roots and rhizomes from taking root to the ground below.

Clumping bamboo grows differently by rhizomes that grow off each other at a much slower pace and in a defined clump.  Most, not all, clumping bamboos are subtropical or tropical and do well in places where the winters are not too severe, such as California, Oregon and Washington.  However, there are several species, like the Fargesia species that have origins in the Himalayas and can take extreme winter temperatures.  Some Fargesias can take temperatures as low as -10 f.  Clumping bamboos do not require the use of rhizome barrier and are very easy to maintain.  

You'll also need to consider the sun exposure of your yard (does it get full fun all day or does it get some afternoon shade?) and also the minimum temperature in your area.  Some bamboos can take extremes of all; however, some are temperature and light sensitive.  The best source to determine the light and temperature characteristics of the bamboo you want is to go to the American Bamboo Society Species List.

I'm looking for a bamboo to serve a certain functionality such as a good screen or one that is drought tolerant or is ornamental, any suggestions?

Despite the stereotypes, bamboo serves many functions dependent upon the species.  I am always happy to provide recommendations based on your specific landscape circumstances - contact Sean.

What are good resources to learn more about bamboo?

We recommend you check out the American Bamboo Society (ABS) website.  The ABS maintains a great website that lists the stats on over 400 bamboos, care of bamboo and much more valuable information.

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